Sunday, December 5, 2010

Christmas Log

Well, its almost been a whole week and I haven't been able to do a new layout yet, but I did make this Christmas Log for my annual cookie party this year. In fact, I made 10 of them!
For many years now I have been going to a cookie party with some old friends that some of us only get to see each other once a year. It is really fun to do and the best part if you get 10 dozen different cookies back! YUM! My husband cant wait till I get home with
During our chatting we all enjoy the cookies with coffee and then we all vote for the best cookie and the best decorated packaging. Thats what I love to do the's like scrapbooking...let the creativity go! This is not my idea of the Christmas Log..I seen it last year from Martha Stewart. However, since last year I knew that is what I was going to make.
My daughter, Roxy, was able to get the perfect size containers free for me. I found the paper at Joann's...and was able to cut them in half...costing 10 cents each. The green ann gold spray I also found at Joann's. The birds I just added red feathers to make them more elegant. I added ribbon and with my cricut made a stamped tag.
Here are some photos of the finished log:
Here is another angle:
Hope you enjoyed!
***Updated @ 1650 today....they were a big hit and I won the decorating part! YAY!

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