Sunday, August 29, 2010

Tea Time

These photos were taken for Roxy's photography class this past HS year. Her gf dressed up as alice, roxy's costume and roxy dressed up as the mad hatter...having tea time. She digital played with the colors making them faded with a border. So since they were really green i just kept the lo primary green too.
This is my first attempted with quilling! I have had these quilling papers for a long time but i was always soooo intimidated by all the beautiful artwork out there! So finally i thought i would give it a try....easy to do but a bit more time consuming! I used three different greens for the vine and im pretty happy with the result. I decided to use regular flowers instead of quilled ones (next time)
I started to add the "kitchen sink" and well by it was finally done i thought hum? maybe a bit too much with all the bling....but nevertheless, roxy actually likes one of my lo's??? lol

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