Saturday, October 29, 2011

Baby Girl Diaper Cake

Hi ladies,
I wanted to share with you my FIRST diaper cake that I made for my friend's baby shower last week. She is having a girl and her favorite color is it worked out perfect! I can't believe that they actually charge $125.00 for something like this!! I already owned everything except the it costed me under $ if I had to buy the bear, ribbons, and flowers it would still be under $30.00 to make....I must be in the wrong business??? lol
I rolled all the diapers and placed string around them....then I added the ribbon and lace....I just cut the flowers leaving the stems and tucked them around the cake. I added ribbon around the bears neck to match the rest of the cake too. It took me about an hour to make this cake...easy peasy!!

Here is a closer view of the ribbons and pink flowers....
Here is a photo of my dear friend Julie "baby bear" and some friends at the shower.

Thanks for stopping by!


Dara Lynn said...

Beautiful diaper cake...I know it will be a hit at the shower! BTW....I know...can you believe they charge that??

Lizzyc said...

how gorgeous is this 'cake'?? wow it looks wonderful.. and really not to hard to make either.. thanks for sharing!

Lisa aka Raining said...

That's a gorgeous cake Lisa! I am sure she loved it!