Saturday, October 1, 2011

"Autumn" Card

This morning i felt like making a autumn in the valley of the sun, AZ we dont get much of these colors....but I do remember them very well from Chicago. I have had this jolee's sticker since day one of scrapbooking and I finally am using it! Years later! So this is the fastest card I have ever took a whole 10 minutes to make...I seen something almost exactly like it over at was made by a very talented elegant for the fall...thank you Kittie! BTW...hers is more beautiful by a long shot!
The best part of this card was how super fast mine came together by using a sticker....I also just bought this embossing frame yesterday....its so beautiful! You will seeing this frame around my blog more and more....:)
Here is a side view. I added Vintage pearls on all the corners for a little something extra....also the fringed hay ribbon? Sorry I dont know what it is really called? Raffia...
My sticker that I FINALLY used since 2006! LOL
Thanks for stopping by!


Michelle said...

It is very pretty!! I love the autumn wreath. The raffia at the bottom gives it great texture. :)

Shona said...

really stunning love the embossing :)

Susan Vilar said...

Don't you just LOVE the scrolled border? I use that one often!