Sunday, June 26, 2011

Bridal Shower Card #2

Ok, this is the last card Im planning on doing today! I tried to get good sunlight but, the colors are kind of off? Well, they are like a yellow-orange and blue. It is really the design I was looking for, the colors can be while I was trying to get the colors the way I see them, I started to play with the hue and made many different colors of the same card for fun!
This first one is the true original! Its a 6 x 6 Card...

Pink and watermelon! YUM!
Orange and beachy!
Purple and Lime about total contrast! But it works!
Aqua and Red....More beachy colors!
Yellow and Purple...Im thinking sunshine!
Again, Any comments or thoughts would be very appreciated! Thanks for looking!

Here is one great suggestion from Mali! Thank You!
Flipping it....
Better? Thinking Yes!


Mali said...

Beautiful colors and great contrast!! How about switching the umbrella and flowers? Or is that to common of a bridal shower invitation?
You do terrific work!!

Cottagerca said...

cute cards, i can see the circut is getting a workout for july

Ycats said...

love that you did the bling for the pole of the umbrella! awesome idea!

lizzyc said...

Hi! what stunning color combo's! they all are amazing!