Monday, February 21, 2011


I love Disney and I have had photos from our family trip for years! Someday I will finish the book???? Lol
Meanwhile, here is a great find at your local HOME DEPOT to make some cute fun Disney lo’s FREE!
I happen to be walking in the paint department at HOME DEPOT and Mickey Mouse jumped right out at me….while not literally….but these cute paint color samples happen to be a perfect and fast way to get those mouse ears on your next Disney layout.
You can cut them out but they actually just peel right off the backing making the work twice as easy! So next time you have to go for your man to HOME DEPOT, be sure to pick up your FREE Mickey Mouse’s too… BTW they come in many other colors…
Here is an example on a lo:
Here are some close-ups:

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Scrap Vamp said...

Very cool! I've seen these and would have never thought to use them that way! Very clever!