Saturday, January 19, 2013

Cheer Up & Smile *Donna Salazar*

Hello my scrappy friends! 
Its Lisa once more this month with a easy tutorial on how I get my sentiments on my cards and layouts. 
I really don't like my handwriting that much because it is so BIG and loopy I almost always used Microsoft for Word. It gives you sooo many more options of handwriting's. 
If you never have tried it before here is your chance to start. :)
This is a 5 x 6 inch card using lots of diecuts, stamps and New papers by Donna Salazar.
I chose yellow because it reminds me of the sun and it seems to be a cheerful color when you are down.
The awesome diecuts and stamps from "snapshot" makes you want to smile right???

Here is the inside...I don't do many insides ahead of time....but I just love this quote from the famous
Scarlett O' of my favorite classic movies. 

So lets get started!
First, pick out the diecut you are going to use. You can use any diecut but for my card today I used "snapshot's" little quote bubbles. You must first cut out the diecut and measure the size with a ruler so you know how big you can make your fonts.

Next, on the computer, pick out font you want to use and look at the size using the ruler bar on top. 
You can also change your color to match your theme too. I love black for most of my sentiments, but the choice is totally up to you! See what I mean about options? lol

After you are happy with your font and size go ahead and print it up on the computer paper. using REMOVABLE adhesive tape place your diecut on top of your font.
I use the daylight or a lamp to see it through for exact placement. 
If you made you font too large or too worries. 
You simple remove the diecut and print it up again until you are happy :)

Once you are satisfied with your placement place it back through the computer 
and it should come out like this. 

As you can see the ink should not be smeared or come through the other paper. 
Remove the diecuts and place on your card or layout. 
I tend to use pop dots behind mine, but once again it is up to you....
so many options...oh my! lol

Here is a closer view of your sentiments that make you look like a pro! 

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you try this tutorial out if you haven't tried it yet....
It is addicting and you may never use your handwriting

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Linda said...

Lisa a wonderful tutorial. I really like how you hold the die cut to the light to check for placement. I will be using your technique. I do not like my handwriting either.