Saturday, July 14, 2012

My Shabby Guest Bedroom

Hi, sharing with you my inspiration for making lots of shabby chic layouts lately. 
This is my guest bedroom that I recently made over for my still needs a few things, like a chandelier, rugs, and a few pictures, mirrors on the walls... :)
It is on the list of things to do.... lol
This is a bed from the Iron Factory it is super heavy! I chose comforters from the Shabby Chic Collection at Target...they are pretty cheap and since my son works there...I got a little discount. :)

Here is the matching daybed with the same comforters, except I added some more pillows on it and a cream micro fleece cozy!

I just love this is also from Target :)
The flowers are from the dollar store and the little cup/vase is actually a toothbrush holder from the Shabby Chic just took the top off :) The photo frame I found at Marshall's and I just put one of my favorite photos of the kids in it. 

So these are some fabulous chairs that are made with Chenille that I found at Marshall's and the cute little table is soooo shabby! I put a matching taller lamp and some candles on the table with a photo of my mother. Muah!

These are on top of a shabby white bookcase. I took this photo before I put a photo in the frame....

A view while I am standing next to the shabby white bookcase, windows and the sliding glass door to the outside. 
Super old TV from the kids....but hey it still works! lol

Well, thanks for stopping by my new "shabby" guest bedroom!
Have a great day! 


Bellaidea said...

Very nice! Did she see it already? I made a room for my Mom several months ago and also had fun with it:)

Amy Prior An Aussie Scrapbooking Diva said...

WOW love everything! That lamp table is divine and super cute frames and lamps. Looking at the photo makes me wanna curl up in that bed so um when can I visit and be a guest? LOL

Charlene said...

very warm and cozy - girly :)