Sunday, July 1, 2012

Copic Marker Storage

Happy Sunday!
I wanted to share with you my NEW copic marker organizer that my husband just made for me this morning! Now dont know it is obviously way bigger than my collection. I just bought some for the first time at the recent scrapbook convention here in AZ. However, since there are over 350 sketch markers...(358?) i wanted to have something big and ready to go for them. 
This bookcase is on the right hand side of my scrap table. Whereas the HC stamps and spellbinders are on the left hand side of my table. As you can see I have my cricut cartridges and block stamps on the shelf and on the bottom is my little cuttlebug with my embossing folders in the box. 

Here is a close up of my copic storage. I was planning to take photos as he was making it, but before i knew it he was done! Basically, he bought 3 long pieces of PVC pipe 1.5 inches and cut them into 5 inch pieces. Then he glued them together and stacked them on top of each other all glued into one big piece. I thought it might be too heavy at first, but it is not too bad at all. They are big enough to fit 5-6 markers in each hole and well, there are 70 all I need is lots of markers! :)

Well, that is my organization tip for today....have a great day!


BugBites said...

Your DH is a genious. Great idea.

Candy said...

Very cool! Copics are addicting - you will fill up that space in no time!

Lizzyc said...

Wow.. good on your hubby!! I guess the cardboard from rolls of paper may work too!!