Saturday, March 10, 2012

DT for Donna Salazar!!!

Hi everyone!
I have to share some really exciting news! I was so lucky to be chosen to be part of the Design Team 2012-2013 for Donna Salazar! I still cant believe it! Pinch me and let me know if I'm sleeping? So, now that it is officially out there in public, I have to tell you my story about it!

So, I was browsing around at and happened to see that Natasha DT coordinator announcing a new DT call for Donna Salazar 2012-2013. So I clicked on it, mind you it was literally 2 days before the i thought why NOT...give it a try....I sent in all the information they wanted and to my surprise I made the top 8! WOW! Now, I don't know how many applicants they get, but nonetheless, I was thrilled! So we (8) received a bunch a products (share later) :) and we were to make 2 designs from the products..endorsed by Donna Salazar. So I had mine for quite a while, but some of the girls didn't get theirs so the date was moved to give everyone time to was a generous amount of time too!

So....I really create better under I let the products sit and I would bring them out every so often and look at them...trying to think of amazing designs....nothing! So it was the last week before it was due and still I hadn't even cut a single paper. I thought OMGosh! I'm in BIG trouble because there is NO WAY I am going to make the deadline with working everyday....

On Wednesday night, LITERALLY 2 days before everything was due, my girlfriend at work asked me if she could work for me on Thursday. I said "Sure"! However, she started to rethink it and didn't let me know until late late Wednesday night!....

Thursday Morning came and still I hadn't done ONE thing....then BAM! I started crafting and made 3 designs, NOT 2 in a whole day! Usually, it can take me a day or two to come up with a design? CRAZY! I took the photos and blogged (not shown yet) and submitted everything by Friday evening....I thought I'm totally pushing my luck for sure.....I probably wont get picked...even though I was happy with how everything turned out... :)

A few days later TA-DA....the announcement for the new DT was shared among us 8! I almost fell over and had the hugest smile on my face! I feel so blessed and very lucky to have made this amazing team! I cant wait to get started and I hope you will join us with some amazing projects and tutorials coming this year with Donna Salazar! Thanks you Donna and Natasha!
Huge Hugs!
So here is our fabulous 2012 Donna Salazar Design Team!

Its ME!!! Your already Here!

Be sure top check out all the amazing designs all this year at Donna Salazar's Blog!

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