Thursday, February 2, 2012

Thanks A Latte

Good evening! Yes I know it is late in the day....or in most places night....but I quickly put this card together for someone tomorrow...I really need to make more thank you cards so they are ready to go! lol
This is based on another old verve sketch...i cant stop going over there and get sketches...they truly are addicting! The best part for me is that since I just started to use them this month, I can go back to the whole year before anytime and get them.... :)
Sure you can use the same sketch over and over but I like making something new...

Here is a side view....the colors are really soft, but I cant seem to get the light right? hum?
These are GCD papers and they really are quite beautiful! I made the cup with my cricut and all the circles too! I have been using my spellbinders so much poor cricut felt neglected...also, I added cotton on the top for some extra froth..... :) Yum!

Thanks for stopping by! If you get the chance stop over and check out the amazing verve sketches!



My Cricuit just sits collecting dust! I'm a Spellbinders kind of girl!

Caroline D. said...

I always love blues and browns together and this card is so pretty! I dont have a cricut, but I do have a "thanks a latte" stamp... will have to give it some love soon.