Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Heartfelt Wednesday's

So this week I made 2 cards for Heartfelt Creations. We received an embossing folder with our new "floral Cross collection" from Couture Creations. Everyone was to get a different one and mine happened to be "Heavy Duty"....well, let me tell you how hard that was to make with flowers and I'm sure it looks a bit strange to everyone
My thought process was just this:
I was thinking automatically I went and asked my husband what he thinks about this embossing folder? He says he thought of stairs? So that is where the side step card came into place. I next was thinking "Strength" So it was perfect for this month because we need strength from "God" especially during our losses in our life. So that is the correlation....trucks are tough/strong right? As for the colors, I was also thinking construction colors and of course it is orange most of the time....then for the flowers....tiger lilies...tigers are strong too....anyway, you can see how I came to this whole theme and design...not sure if it makes much sense? but I'm sticking to it....the photos don't give it the right is much nicer IRL

Here you can the sort-of the inside sentiment. I really tried to get the lighting right? For some reason the camera didn't like me today? Maybe it is the shiny metal paper?

Had fun with this sure to check out the other designs this week at HC Blog.
Come on Mack!


Lisa Lynne said...

I like this card! I would have had a hard time with that pattern too. You did a beautiful job.

Michelle said...

such a cool card! love what you created with the embossing folder and metalic paper!