Sunday, June 26, 2011

Bridal Shower Card #1

So I'm on this Pop-Up card craze lately! I just cant seem to stop now! lol
I heard back about the bridal shower invitations and colors, so I thought I would make some cards to put on my post for her to get an idea of what she might like? Everything can be tweaked to meet her expectations.... :0)
So here is one card out of approximately 5 cards that I have sketched up for her to look at through my blog since we live thousands of miles away. It seems to be the fastest way to get a sneak peek of what I was kind-of thinking?
This first design has a simple front, I wanted to use prima pearls, but right now I don't have any in to get an idea of what I was thinking I just used pearl stickles. I decided to use the Martha Stewart Arch Punch, since it is a nice punch that's makes me think of wedding arches. I used Prima flowers and just placed a basic "Your Invited" on the front of the card. Simple.

Now for the inside of the card: I have seen these amazing pop-up cards that say like "thank you", "i love you" "happy birthday" and etc... So I thought I can do this! I takes a little patience again but not nearly as tedious as the Wedding cake card. So I made this template from my computer at home....Tutorial Coming Soon! The inside is NOT as nice as I wanted it to be because I should have used the corner punches to make it perfect, but you get the idea? After all the inside is a faux invitation , just for displaying purposes.

Here it is again in Tiffany colors....
Inside Tiffany Colors
I would appreciate any comments or suggestions to make any of my upcoming bridal shower cards irresistible that any bride-to-be will want to share with their family and friends.
Thank you!


Mali said...

You cannot go wrong with my favorite colors (blue and white) and what a surprise when you open the card. I have never seen that type of pop-up before. You are very creative.

Daisylove Creations said...

I just love the pop up idea on the inside. I cannot wait for that tutorial, I definitely want to try it out :0)

Brit Moore said...

I love the pop up bridal shower! how did you do that?